We're here!  The seven hour plane ride was miserable, but we made it! We didn't sleep on the plane at all, and we stayed up for about 30 hours straight because of the time difference.  We slept for 19 hours last night! hahaha.  Most everyone has been able to speak English to us, so we have been lucky that we haven't had much difficulty communicating.  

We went to the Metro (underground train) to buy tickets because that is mostly how people travel here.  You walk through underground tunnels to get to a train that takes you all over the city.  This is helpful for us because we don't have to drive anywhere, and we don't have a car! ha. 

Then, we went to the Conciergerie.  This was where they kept prisoners a couple hundred years ago.  The chopped off people's heads with a guillotine.

We had dinner at a cafe; Ms. Noelke got a baguette and I got quiche Lorraine with salad.  There are a lot of tables really close together.  It's almost like eating a restaurant with tables as close as the desks are in our classroom. 

So, there are some things we have noticed that are very different from America. Euros are used instead of dollar here.  They use a lot of coins instead of bills in France.  Also, their toilets don't have a handle that you flush. It is like a big button you press into the wall that makes the toilet fill with water like it is about to overflow.  Another difference is that the light switches are opposite.  You turn the light switch down for the lights to turn on, and you flip the switch up for lights to go off.  Weird!  Besides France being 7 hours ahead of Louisiana, their clocks are set in military time.  So, if it was 2:00 in the afternoon it would say 14:00 on the clocks because it is 2 hours after 12 (12+2=14).  Europe uses the metric system, which was Napoleon's decision.  All of our drinks come in milliliters. :)  Oh!  It is sunny until almost midnight!  It's hard to think it is nighttime with the sun still visible.

It is VERY cold here.  It was 35 degrees yesterday which is almost freezing!  This morning we went to....McDonald's!  They have a separate restaurant for McDonald's and McCafe.  They also don't salt their French fries!  I was not happy!  They don't even have salt to give you for your to salt them yourself.  :(  You don't get ice in your drinks in France either.  I ordered a Coke  and it just comes in a cup with no ice. Check out the picture of the McDonald's menu.  Chicken Forever? Isn't that hilarious?  Y'all know how much I love my Powerade....well....it is VERY hard to find here.  :(  I finally found one, but it tastes different, and, of course, there is no ice to make it cold.  :( 

We went to the Louvre which is one of the biggest museums in the world!  15,000 people visit it a DAY! And guess who was there....The Mona Lisa by Leonardo!  It was so crazy that people come all over the world just to see my boyfriend's art!  Can you see little Leonardo by his art in the picture?  Then, we got to see Napoleon's apartment in the Louvre!  Do you think those pictures look like an apartment?  I wish my apartment was made of gold!  Do you see little Napoleon in the pictures?

After the museum we went and walked around to see what the city looks like.  It looks a lot like New Orleans.  Hmmmm....I wonder why?!  :)  We got a crepe (a really flat pancake) filled with Nutella (melted chocolate) rolled up from a street vendor.  It was delicious.  You can see Flat Stanley and Leonardo eating some in the picture.

Love you all!  I will write more tomorrow! xoxox
5/25/2013 17:10:09

I meant your trip sounds really cool.

Mrs. Alello
5/26/2013 04:17:24

It looks like Leonardo and Stanley are having fun. Have some ham lasagna for me!! :)

5/26/2013 15:28:31

Its looks so fun and awesome!i wish i had some money but i'm broke.any body got money they don't want!!

5/29/2013 08:08:56

There are lots of things about Leonardo there!

6/21/2013 15:28:43


9/23/2013 12:51:55

I like those pic's............................................................................

10/25/2013 13:44:08

I wanted to go there really bad.

12/5/2013 03:01:23

ms.leblanc you guys were so goofy i wish me and graice could come

6/26/2014 08:38:00

Hay ms Leblanc remember me? I still go to this site!


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