Today we saw a lot about Napoleon.  He built the Arc de Triomphe to welcome his army home.  We climbed the HUGE arc and got to see Paris from the top!  The Arc is like the middle of the sun and the streets and Paris are like rays coming from the center.  We noticed that people have gardens on top of their homes.  Our legs were shaking from walking up and down hundreds of steps!  We went to the Eiffel Tower and rode the elevator to get another great view of the city.  We waited over an hour in line to get to the elevator.  We saw a few classes that were on field trips there, too.  We also went to the Invalides which is where Napoleon is buried.  It is a huge museum with a ton of his clothing, weapons, etc. in it. 

We have been eating pizza and baguettes.  The pizza here is different because it is thinner and has different toppings.  The baguettes are like poboys, but the bread is very hard to chew!  They aren't as good either!  We really miss the food in Louisiana because nothing has much flavor here.  Things are much more expensive, too.  I had a $20 cheeseburger!  How crazy is that?!  Almost everything on menus in France has ham in it.  Ewww! I hate ham!  They even have ham potato chips!  If you want bottled water, it costs a lot...about $10.  The regular water here does not taste very good.  We are very lucky to have good water in Louisiana.  Oh!  Since so many drinks are imported to France from the USA, it costs more.  If you get a can of Coke, it is about $6!  

The weather is similar to Louisiana because it rains often, but then it will be sunny an hour later.  Guess what we are doing tomorrow!  Going to see CASTLES!  Three of them!  One is where Leo is buried and one is designed by him!  :)  xoxo
Mrs. Linda Ladner
5/30/2013 13:40:01

Wow! What brave and conditioned persons you are! I don't even think I would have been able to finish climbing up the Arc Du Triomphe, much less getting back down. You two must be in great shape. Can't wait to hear about the castles.

Has the weather warmed up?

Shobha Menon
5/31/2013 19:08:52

You guys seem to be having a lot of fun! Are the kids having summer vacation at this time?

Ms. LeBlanc
6/1/2013 07:16:03

Thanks! We are seeing a lot of awesome things. The students here don't get out until the end of June.

Carol Bender
6/3/2013 06:56:10

I have a photo of my dad during World Ward II standing under the Arch de Triomphe!


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